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If the service is an important way to retain customers, then it is a vital service customers in the form of the "heavy in" the weight. Service, not limited to industry, but also in a form of informal, it has a wide range of content, and not explore the area. "Three" refers to the commercial enterprises on the implementation of the sold goods for repair, replacement or return of service. Our "three" cover mainly the following points:

Note Where a valid purchase vouchers, three bags of period (natural leather footwear fabric for three months from the date of sale, non-natural fabrics leather footwear months from the date from the sale of) quality problems occur within non-human factors The are three bags of scope. (Keep it to remind customers of when the salesman offered to buy shopping vouchers)
01 OZ Not through the new shoes, if found not a right, the size of inconsistencies, within 7 days from the date of the sale can be replaced. In normal circumstances where wearing shoes next week of serious open plastic adhesive (to help the bottom or bounce off the junction length of 2 cm, depth of 0.5 cm or more) exchange of similar new shoes; upper serious Diaoqi, one of the Pan-nitrate , exchange of similar new shoes. * Fan Shu "Three Guarantees" of quality problems, repair parts within a month with a two invalid discretion to charge 0.5% of the original price depreciation charges be reversed. 朗读显示对应的拉丁字符的拼音
02 Baotui Under normal wear conditions occur within the next month off hook heart, serious section, off the bottom, down one with the quality. Fanshu the quality of replacement if they can not exchange the.
03 Repair kits
Under normal wear off within three months of the end of there, off with, the cross section, to help end broken, uneven nail foot, heel loose, open plastic, zipper broken, broken elastic band, open line, heel palm off phenomenon .
Under normal circumstances within one month of wearing ornaments fall off, the end (forming the bottom) heel off the surface color coating layer.
Is not a "three guarantees" the scope of Quality requirements
None of this certification, quality, warranty cards, trade bills and more than "three guarantees" limitation provision.
Because of wear, damage caused by improper maintenance (rain wear, washing, touching acid, oil, touch a hard object), and substandard goods, substandard products.
Customers to dispose of or repair improperly.
Naturally occurring problems, such as: upper surface of the instep part of wrinkles, wear heel.
If the footwear commodity problems, impossible to determine whether quality problems, and may entrust the quality inspection department or the leather quality inspection station identification, according to "People's Republic of Consumer Protection Law" and the identification results to be addressed.
If more than "three guarantees" the scope of the repair shoes, an extra burden on behalf of the company can repair and replacement materials and parts for a certain amount of material is appropriate, the cost of fees.


Keep dry, store in ventilated shade.
Avoid exposure, broiled, washed, sharp object impact and exposure to chemical substances.
Shoes should be avoided in the rain, snow, sand or slippery ground running and avoid sports or hiking wear.
Often use the same color or colorless shoe polish polished (matte leather, suede leather, patent leather, light leather, cloth, etc. excluded).
Matte leather, suede leather and cloth or water is prohibited Cayou scrub, clean upper direction to brush lightly with a soft brush.
Patent leather, light leather can be used wet cloth.
Lined with faded dark shoes is normal and should not wear light-colored socks, recommended to wear matching socks.
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