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Company Profile

Founded in Taiwan, Kasimir shoes Co., Ltd was based on the cooperation of Kasimir Karl, a British manual suture technologist, and Doctor Xie, from a Taiwan shoemaking family, meanwhile with the birth of a new casual shoe brand Kasimir in the name of Kasimir himself in 1993.

By virtue of its traditional manual suture techniques, as well as its fashion and leisure, its health and comfort, the products of Kasimir is being sold fairly well in Japan, Taiwan.

Because of its growing business, Kasimir moved to mainland China and became an agent of Taiwan Red Dragonfly, beginning to break into the mainland market in 1999 and transforming from a simple factory to an integrated enterprise with processing and selling together.

Kasimir has always being assist for many foreign outdoor brands on the design, development and production. Thanks to its modern design idea, it sucessfully helpes its cooperation brands develop rapidly, and especially becomes a designated supplier of Karrimor, Modyf,Mephisto.

Kasimir also cultivates its own outdoor brand namely Hanagal,which are very popular in Europe and North America. Owing to its complex to China and with its return state of mind, Hanagal came back to China in 2006 and tried to provide the most appropriate outdoor casual shoes for Chinese consumers.

November, 2006: sponsored a Youth Olympic Team from Sichuan to ran across the Siguliang Mountain.

June, 2007: sponsored a hike from Beijing to Mount Tai with the theme Welcome the Olympic Games, Hike to Colorful life.

September,2008: sponsored a Southern China Rallycross for the Wolves Rallycross Club.

April, 2009: sponsored the Visual Arts Trip to China with the theme Heaven and Earth Create creatures"

May, 2009: sponsored the Wenchuan Anniversary Celebration held by Communist Youth League of Guangdong Province with the theme The Overlanders Will Get Over Any Lands

Kasimir can withstand any tests with its personal experience to those severe environment as its evdence. In order to provide better service to its customers, Kasimir established its own design team, QA team and tried to do better with its principle Business without honesty cann’t become rich.

November, 2006: sponsored a Youth Olympic Team from Sichuan to ran across the Siguliang Mountain.


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